here we go

so i guess i have finally accomplished my prolonged goal of creating a wordpress blog (whilst procrastinating and not studying for the test i have to take day after tomorrow) but well, one mountain at a time i guess.

why i wanted to create this blog was to try my hand at writing. to mature it as much as i can with time and discipline and improve my thinking process along with it. right now, my mind is like a ship without a rudder. im 18 and i have no idea what im going to do ahead in life. funny how only till half a year back, i had it all planned out. too bad life took its own course and with one blow, all those plans caved in to nothing. i wanted to pursue physics in college, master in cosmology and then go into research further on. and now, well after a long series of events i hate to trace back, I’m studying Economics and am partially inclined towards making a career in some form of journalism (did i mention that i also attended a media college for a month in another city but that’s a different story). so i want to see if i have it in me therefore im going to use this blog as a platform for for the same.

i hope some where in this clutter i find what im looking for some day, but till then im going to keep writing and sharing whatever means to me