men, women and what you’re not supposed to know

“wait, WHAT? but how could she do that to him? how could he take such a thing? and, how could this be true when they looked so happy together? i actually secretly wished to have a relationship like theirs some day, how…”

“trust me priyam, you wouldn’t want that. you have no idea how girls can manipulate guys in ways so covert that they don’t even realize what hit them. it’s mildly evil.”

4 months into college and i have already learnt so much about life (or so i think) but this is one revelation that perturbed me the most and still continues to do so. almost through out the 18 years of my life, i have been this quirky little girl not paying much attention to the social human tactics. i never knew how to flirt ( haven’t learnt it still), was always scared to make eye contact with boys and always ended up talking about internet or football in an excited high pitched, border line shriek-ish voice with them at the parties. sooo not sexy.

so i have recently had an overdose of hearing boys whine about how some girls are ‘sooo stupid and bitchy’ and then to my surprise, i have seen the same self proclaimed intellectual sons of Newton (okay bad reference considering Newton was a Virgin) go after the same ‘stupid and bitchy girls’ and fall deeply, madly and truly in love with them *pukes*. so i couldn’t help but think that boys are hypocrites! all of them!

so i thought its high time i get to know how this works. being in an all-girls college (kill me) and interacting with a lot of girls, i realized that my gender has this fascinating potential to use not just their beauty as commonly perceived, but just their mere woman-ness to their advantage. just like the sirens (the femme fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island). okay maybe thats a little extreme, but you get the point- if the power used correctly it can render the other helpless to this pull.

but heyy, what about those genuinely intellectually superior men who are emotionally strong enough to resist the pull? why would they go for the same girls they consider inferior? well, i proposed the same question to one such friend to put an end to my curiosity.

his answer – ” look i can have a decent conversation with you even if most of it involves us arguing and debating upon anything ranging from politics to pizza toppings. i guess that’s precisely why we are friends (because strangling the other would put you in jail) but i wouldn’t prefer some one so strongly opinionated as my girl friend. i love how *** (present girlfriend)’s eyes light up when i tell her something ever so little interesting.” it might have brought out the typical male chauvinistic thinking but i have to agree that what he said about his girlfriend was pretty cute.

so i still don’t know how these romantic attractions tick and honestly, after attaining so much enlightenment on the matter i plan to give up on romance for a bit (or more).


3 thoughts on “men, women and what you’re not supposed to know

  1. heyy. i didn’t intend to generalize anyone, if that’s how it seems. i just wrote my inferences based on prior experiences. and like i said, i still do not understand these romantic matchings. im 18 and i have much to explore ahead of me so i sure hope i find some one who proves me wrong

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