the ‘you’ you are

why am i sitting here with a cup of jasmine tea in my hand? i don’t even like the taste of tea. why is there indie music playing on the other tab on 8tracks as i write this post, when i’m all about EDM music? wait, this doesn’t seem right- why am i wearing the deepest chocolate coloured nailpaint? is that… is that a maxi size ‘Audrey Hepburn’ poster in my room? woaah, what is up with these lamp shades, these scented candles in vintage candle stands and these scarlet tulips? did a hipster wind invade my life style?

yup, thats probably what the ‘me’ from a month back would be asking myself if she saw me right now. and all i’d be able to respond to her with would probably be a clueless shrug.

we’re all dynamic beings in this world with our tastes, our beliefs and our opinions changing with the seasons. some stay for longer, others change more frequently. and if you haven’t questioned your beliefs yet, you haven’t explored your self thoroughly.

all our school life, our opinions are shaped on the basis of what we are taught. we don’t decide the good and the bad for our selves, we are told what they are. but heyy, no school bashing! every one should be thankful that they were taught- bank robbery= NO NO NO, aspire to become a doctor= YES YES YES! cause you seem to be doing pretty well (yayy school!).

this is where college comes in. your brain has finally matured enough to make your own life choices. they don’t say ‘you can be who ever you want in college man’ in the sense that you can dress up in the jazziest of clothes you own and smoke grass every day (yeah, that too), but because you get to explore and reconstruct yourself. and the best part is, thanks to the confidence you acquired after those grilling teen years in high school (hey don’t worry, there are still so many more opportunities for that if you haven’t gained enough), you no longer have the fear of being judged by your peers, your parents or your teachers.

i came into college with an open mind and started seeing particular situations with different angles. it helped me understand people better and make a better sense out of this world. i shed my beliefs, left with just a strong conscience and values i’ve imbibed since the beginning  to guide me and i’m not regretting it.

i still don’t drink, i still don’t smoke and i don’t have a problem with any one who does. trust me, life is so much more chill.


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