oh so you like that song? Excuse me while I hyperventilate

There are 2 kinds of people in the world-

  • Those who listen to a song on the radio/tv/internet and appreciate it (normal people basically).
  • Then there are the people who scrounge for new music in the underground music world, discover peculiar sounds, develop a liking for the artist of the song and then fall in love with their music. They see the artist/band grow before them and take pride in their work as for their own chid.

The latter are as annoying as a crying baby on a plane and unfortunately, Im one of them. We are the people who believe that if you seek, your soul finds comfort in music. We believe that a song itself can tell so much about a person and what he’s been through. our tastes in music change with our moods and our personality. Music connects people, music saves people.

So if next time you hum a song by The Kooks or play one by Nicky Romero and you find me hugging you to death, telling you that i admire your taste in music (or that we can get married next saturday) please try to understand that i spent my teenage sending them fan mails and tweets so it really matters to me. Nothing in my life could top my euphoria when I got to know that I was featured on Nicky Romero’s podcast and i still gloat over it from time to time to remind myself that life has offered me good moments.

BUT God! We are so possessive about our music (we even refer to it as ‘ours’ phfftt). We cry within if we get to know that our favorite band is performing near by and we cant see them live. Ah yes, we also hate the guts of those who get to go to their concert even though they know nothing about their music (and can barely pronounce their name right). That’s pretty irrational but sorry, can’t help it.

Also, the most muddled up and helpless situation for us is when the band/artist starts going main stream. we want them to achieve fame and recognition but we also want them to remain exclusive to us. i actually had to control my self from high-fiving two random 12 year old girls in the mall for singing ‘i could be the one’ by Avicii on the escalator. Had i been on the escalator for longer, i probably would have ended up telling them about how special that song is to me. I swear it takes effort to not weird-out on people but the music is worth it!

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