boys are gorgeous

you know you like it when your new shirt gets noticed and you receive compliments for it. that satisfaction of approval feels so good.  But the best compliments are the ones you receive for your own attribute, be it physical or characteristical.  it makes you feel so full of glee thinking about how a person noticed something about YOU solely! it’s just human. also, men love compliments as much as women do.

i came to a realization that i have, almost through out my life, withheld these appreciations from boys because of the fear of them coming out too moronically. not the ‘hey, rockin’ those aviators brahh’ compliments but the ‘its so fascinating to see your eyes brighten up when you talk about your goals’ compliments.

so let me make up for it by saying that- boys are gorgeous. they look so delightful while running. tall boys give the best hugs (the only people i like hugging). they smell nice. its the cutest when they give their girlfriends their hoodies. guys who are musicians are so charming. guys who dedicate songs to girls are the best. boys who talk about politics or a cause so inquisitively are so captivating. boys who don’t turn arrogant after getting too many compliments are cool.

(if you’re a boy and i know you and i was never able to tell you any of the above that applies to you, please feel free to accept the compliment now)

I’m so bored of hearing and reading posts about how ‘mystically beautiful’ girls are. phshh why thanks! my dog seems ‘mystically beautiful’ too when he barks in his sleep (which is adorable). but all i mean to ask is why isn’t any one expected to notice the same things in boys that girls generally wish to hear?

is it just me or it really is commendable how men bare the feminist band wagon expecting them to treat women equally but at the same time, they have to live up to the chivalry expected from them. how they earn the ‘bad boy’ image to attract girls but end up getting termed as an ayehole instead. how even in this feminism driven society girls still wish for boys to initiate interaction as by social norm and then if they don’t click, the boy has to face the rejection or head straight to the ‘friend zone’. isn’t it so adorable how they actually consider putting axe deodorant for girls inspired by it’s advertisement, no matter how silly it is?

BUT again, that’s just my point of view. im not trying to change the social dynamics but i sure hope that the next time i admire something about a guy, I’ll try to lower my ego and tell him.


8 thoughts on “boys are gorgeous

  1. It’s refreshing to read an article advocating men from a feminist’s point of view. Most people forget that feminism means treating men and women equally and not women given more advantages.

  2. HI..I’m reading this because my friend vatsalya told me to..
    If you meet her..tell her I said hi!
    And nice posts..they are really good 😀

  3. Hey! My friend Maliha told me about your blog and its so good! I really like your post especially this one. I too dont fish out compliments from my pocket easily when it comes to boys. Mostly because I think its too awkward. So yeah really liked this one and others too. Looking foreward to more 🙂

  4. i’ve had posts on fb wall abt ur blog because of a mutual friend
    u write in simple way, which i find great
    THANKS ! for this one
    a big thumbs up (y)

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