the ‘typical’ delhi girl

“you’re from delhi? south delhi? wow, you’re not like the typical delhi girl at all!”. this was the 4th time some one said that to me one week into my college in pune. i had no idea what they were talking about because as far as i know, i have been been born and brought up in the typical punjabi-delhi family, living in a typical south delhi locality, studying in a typical delhi, public school (delhi public school actually). how much more ‘typical’ could it get?

“you’re more chilled out, you know, laid back.” 

so over a span of one month i realized that a typical delhi girl is considered to be a snooty, arrogant, narcissistic vixen who’s too pampered to indulge in things common people do. too bad i never got the chance to meet her in 18 years of my life spent in delhi. but well, after spending a month in pune, i had to switch my college (which is another story)  and shift back to delhi to join JMC, an all girls, south campus ,Delhi University college therefore giving me the perfect opportunity to meet the infamous ‘typical’ delhi girl.

on my first day in the new college, i was sort of prepared to receive a huge culture shock in terms of attitude of people and the  social mannerisms in general but the only contrast i could make out was the change from seeing formal shirts and trousers around me to shorts and sundresses which was sort of refreshing actually. every one i met was pleasingly warm to me and helped me to catch up with what i had missed. so day 1- no ‘typical’ delhi girl encounter.

4 months have passed ever since and i have met so, sooo many different types of girls. there is one who’d drink like an irish at a party at night and reach on the field at 7.30 am sharp for soccer training and shoot some badass goals the next day. there’s one who’d come off as so intimidating when you talk to her but boy, i bet you’ll have one of the most intellectually enriching conversations with her if you tried. there’s one who wears the prettiest zara dresses on a saturday night but knows where to pick out the best clothes in sarojni nagar at the monday market. there’s one who’s too cool to shop at sarojni but she’s never too cool to help you out when you’re in need. there’s one who never travels by the auto but always lets us use her car and chauffeur when we want to go hang out after college. 

i still haven’t figured out which one of them is the ‘typical’ delhi girl so i think its time we stop generalizing them. the only thing they all have in common is that they’re all living the fast life, working towards their goals and chasing their dreams. man! they are walking balls of fire fueled by their ambitions. snicker at these ambitions if you want but don’t ridicule their attitude. i don’t know if i am one or not but the ‘typical’ delhi girl is hardcore!



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