The Perfect Gifts To Give To Your Girl

{DISCLAIMER- this article was written for an interview submission, I’m not actually this cheesy.}

Is it yet again another occasion when you’ve got to make your girl feel special? Do you wish to break the monotony of those cliched presents that only add a faint smile to her face and then get tossed into the back of her cupboard? Well don’t worry, we’re here to fulfill your aspirations of giving her the most unique present you can, even if you’re on a budget crunch! Following are a few gift ideas in order of the increasing size of your budget

1. Personal pamper butler- sooo… you spent all your money on that video game you wanted and now have no money in your wallet to buy her a gift?  That’s alright because this gift idea only requires you to spend ’emotional currency’. convey your love to her by being her ‘personal pamper butler’ for a day. Let her call the shots the whole day and go all the way to pamper her by  completing her chores, carrying her shopping bags, making her meals and driving her around. Dedicate this day to her!


2. Customized T-shirts/hoodies- you know how she loves wearing your oversized T-shirt or hoodie like it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing for her? Why not gift her one from your closet, but with a personal touch? You can get it customized by printing a picture of her favourite band or artist on it and she would love to wear it. Also, its easy on the pocket and big on heart!


3. Gift cards- some times you just have to accept that your taste is probably way too different from your girl friend’s, so much so that buying gifts makes you more nervous than a rabbit amongst a group of hyenas. In such situations, gift cards are your saviors! You can pick one up from her favorite brand and that too from a price range of your choice. This way, she wouldn’t have to wonder about your gift’s exchange policy like she had to with your previous gifts.


4. Personalized jewelry- what could be more romantic than a piece of precious metal with the memoir of your love that she can wear! You can explore your options with this one according to your budget too. you can find cute paired jewelry at brands like Claire’s or you can have rings and pendants engraved with words of love/both of your initials as a present. Little, special trinkets are always close to a girls heart!


5. A pet- gifting a pet as a present to girls who love animals is a great idea, if you don’t mind sharing her love with a little cuddler that is. There are so many organizations that give pets up for adoption, and adopting one for your girl would not only mean delighting your sweet heart but also giving an animal a secure shelter. It’s an admirable gesture all together and saves you money too!



6. name a star- probably the most romantic way to to tell some one that they’re the center of your universe is to name a star after them. it’s not as expensive as you think and can be easily done online via web portals like . this way you’d let them know that they’re as unique as their namesake star!


7. An adventure- how about gifting her memories that she would treasure forever? You can take her on an adventure by gifting her tickets to her favorite concert, game, festival or a little holiday just for the two of you. It’s bound to make her feel specialand loved!