rave culture in India

Only till a few years back, raving was frowned upon by every one here because of the over hyped association of drug use and molly popping at rave scenes. today the response to the rave culture has changed so much all together, but does that mean we’re doing it right? Sadly, not so much.

Firstly, let’s clear up the common notion that a ‘rave’ is an event where a bunch of people parachute molly together with EDM music playing in the back ground- thats far from what a rave is supposed to be. Its all about getting a high, but, from the music. it’s about feeding that energy inside you and letting it lose at the same time! its about the rush you get from the build up and the thrill from the drop. It’s a joy ride for your brain! when your heart beat syncs with the bass, when your eardrums resonate with the pitch, you become one with the music. You literally give a track the power to control you and you realize that when it makes you rap your arms in the air with the beat.

“But rave and drugs go hand in hand don’t they?”

-No. Rave culture does not condemn drug use but it does not condone it. MDMA/ecstacy/molly is usually taken to experience euphoria, heightened energy, increased warmth toward others and sensory distortions but it’s use is only subjective and that’s not what defines a rave.

INFACT the whole raving community is founded on the principles of PLUR which stands for ‘peace love unity respect’. every thing and every one is about love and fun. its a wonderland! you enter a rave, you leave your judgements at the front gates because boy, you’re going to be seeing a lot of weird things around! be prepared to be hugged and complimented by men covered in glitter and girls in pretty tutus and fur boots. ravers consider themselves as a family and every one is treated with love and respect. all you gotta do is dance, trade kandi and have fun!

however, raving in india isn’t the same and if you’ve been to one in Delhi, you probably know why. the crowd is filled with drunk men being present for a motive far from appreciating the music, ticking every one else off with their shenanigans and self proclaimed studs breaking into a fight over something really silly as the DJ belts out his best track. Not cool man. How about respecting that artist who flew all the way to this country to play for you and really enjoying the music?

I hope that as india is giving way to EDM and adapting to it so compassionately, it also accepts the culture that comes along with it soon.